The magnificent natural beauty defines Snæfellsnes. This peninsula offers all the landscapes that you can see in Iceland, including waterfalls, glacier, volcano, black sand beach, etc... There is all kind of diverse entertainment offered for all ages. You can have a base camp at Kast guesthouse and from there, go easily onto various excursions.


Being a passionate and very experienced family of riders with a hundred of horses in our farm, Kast Guesthouse offers one to three hours riding tours every day from May to September. Arrival is 15 minutes before departures.

We only provide tours with a private guide, so he can adapts the tour to your experience and give you personalized advices and tips about icelandic horses and the famous "Tölt". Of course we supply the helmets.

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Snæfellsjökull, the national park’s glacier, is also nearby with a fascinating natural and historical heritage signs. Uniqueness of the park is in close proximity to the ocean and the interaction between human and nature. Overview of the national park is the magnificent Snæfellsjökull (the glacier) which is draped with mystique and energy. During the summertime there are daily snowmobile tours or trample on the glacier, ranging from early morning until midnight. Trips at midnight are indescribable experiences in summer, especially in June and July because it is still daylight. Kast Guesthouse is approximately 30 minutes driving from the glacier.

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The cliffs between Arnarstapi and Hellnar are a Natural Reserve and the 2.5 kilometer (1.5 mi) hiking trail linking the two settlements offers spectacular scenery including Gatklettur, a magnificent arch extending into the sea. The peculiar Badstofa caves are known for their unique light refraction and colorful interior. Other natural highlights in the area are bizarre rock formations in the shapes of stacks, as well as cliffs swarming with huge colonies of birds.

Nineteen kilometres east of Arnarstapi and only 10 minutes from our guesthouse, Buðir is a romantic, windswept location, a former fishing village at the head of the sweeping expanse of white sand that backs the Búðavík bay. Surrounded by the Búðahraun lavafield, rumoured to be home to countless elves, and enjoying unsurpassed views out over the Atlantic, the tiny pitch-black church with its three white-framed windows dates from 1703, and cuts an evocative image when viewed from the adjoining graveyard with the majestic Snæfellsnes mountain range as a backdrop.

Kirkjufell Mountain (40 minutes driving from Kast) is the most photographed mountain in Iceland. Its isolated position jutting out into the sea makes it a focal point for tourists and seamen alike. Surrounded by beaches, Kirkjufell has a lovely walking trail around it as well as a more challenging climb up to the top where bird and fish fossils can be found.

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Sailing, Whale-Watching and Seals:

From Stykkishólmur you can go on a wide range of sea tours with Sæferðir. For example children's tours, day trips to Flatey, natural- and birdwatching trips over Breiðafjörð and many more.

Out of the Snæfellsnes is one of the best conditions in the world to view whales, both Blue Whale and Sperm Whale, which are one of the largest animals of the earth. You can also view smaller whales such as Killer Whale and Porpoise. The Whale Watching boat goes daily from Ólafsvík (30 minutes from Kast) for 3 hours sailing.

Ytri-Tunga in Staðarsveit is a very special beach located only 5 minutes driving from our guesthouse and where you can see the seals on the rocks offshore. There is an easy access for all to go there, and the seals are almost all the time visible from the beach.

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Swimming Pools:

At first Lýsuhólslaug swimming pool, which is opposite of Kast Guesthouse about two minutes walk. The pool is with natural warm mineral water, directly from the earth. It is very rich in minerals and it is considered very healthy and healing. No chemicals such as chlorine, is mixed with water.

The swimming pool in Stykkishólmur is a warm outdoor pool with 57m long water slide, which is the second longest slide of the country. You can also find Wading pool, two hot tubs and 12m indoor pool which is primarily intended as a teaching and training pool. The hot tubs have healthy water that comes straight from the borehole at Hofstaði and the water is good to treat all kinds of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The swimming pool in Ólafsvík is 12.5m indoor pool and has also hot tub. The pool is next to the gymnasium, football stadium, football field, playground and short distance to all services.


In Snæfellsnes you will find various museums. At Hellissandur is a Maritime Museum. In Ólafsvík is a Local Museum in a house called Pakkhúsið and also Fish Collection of marine life from Breiðafjörður. In Grundarfjörður is an History Centre. In Bjarnarhöfn is Shark Museum and in Stykkishólmur is a Norwegian house and a Volcano museum.

This is only an idea of the many attractions you can find around our guesthouse, of course if you stay with us our staff will give you plenty of tips and advice about our fantastic peninsula, and what to do and see during your stay in the Snaefellsnes!